Glowing in the Dark: Cleanse & Scrub!

Ok, you won’t literally glow in the dark after following these skin care tips…
But you will sure get that radiant skin, glowing all day and night long! The most important step in your skin care regime is to cleanse and exfoliate. While Scrubs with granules like salt or sugar are great for the body, hands and feet, the fine skin on the face is better off with a more gentle form of exfoliation.

How to choose the right exfoliator for your gorgeous skin:
Use an exfoliating product containing AHA’s. There are pads, gels, masks and crème’s containing fruit acids, glycolic acid from sugar cane, lactic acid from sour milk or mandelic acid from almonds, some products use a combination of different AHA’s.
If you are prone to break outs or have thin and sensitive skin use a BHA product that contains Salicylic Acid. This ingredient can naturally be found in willow bark extract, so look out for that if you prefer all natural products for your skin. It’s the only ingredient that exfoliates inside your pores.
There is no need to physically rub and scrub your skin when using these products, they work by gently loosening up the “glue” in between the dead skin cells, so that the old dead top layer can come off without any damage to your skin.
Ta-da: You will be left with radiant fresh skin!
Once a week is usually enough, don’t disturb your skin by over exfoliating.

The Double Cleanse:
For daily cleansing I recommend a very gentle cleansing milk, oil or balm that doesn’t strip the skin. If you are a fan of natural cosmetics or have very sensitive skin, try using pure organic coconut oil from the health food store as make-up remover. It works a treat! If you prefer a foaming wash for your face make sure you will buy one without any harsh detergents like SLS or synthetic fragrances. The less it foams, the better for your skin. For make-up junkies and daily foundation wearers I recommend a double cleanse at night time:

Step 1: Use a makeup removing cleanser that’s oil based. Find one that can be used around the eyes, so it doubles as eye makeup remover too.
Use on dry skin and gently massage in over the whole face and eyes to loosen all the pigment, sunscreens and grime from the day.
Remove with cotton pads or muslin cloth and warm water, depending on the instructions of the product.

Step 2: Use a cleanser appropriate for your skin type. This cleanser can now actually benefit the skin and remove excess oil and any traces left from makeup or cleanser residue. Follow with moisturizer.
Now you can go to bed, knowing that your skin is clean and prepared to restore itself overnight, ready for some beauty sleep.

If you are a bride to be, start by updating and adapting a good skin care regime months before your wedding. Stay away from any last minute changes, experiments or new beauty treatments close to your big day to prevent any unwanted surprises, or allergic reactions in your face on your wedding day!

This is part 3 of the Get The Glow Series, in case you missed Part1 about Nutrition and Part2 about Exercise, read them here and here. I am sure your skin is (almost!) glowing in the dark by now, but there are 2 more steps to follow- stay tuned!


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