Grand Hotel Portovenere


After a picture-postcard holiday experience, with killer views, service and a cultured experience?

The Grand Hotel in Portovenere is a one-stop shop for you to relax and unwind with all these perks. Located in the famous Cinque Terre, Portovenere is one of a few small, petite towns located on the northwest coast of Italy that are accessible by ferry or train.

The hotel’s communal areas including the restaurant, bar and lounge are beautifully crafted which set a great environment for the exclusive view that you get. The view at breakfast, lunch or dinner out on the balcony is mind-blowing. Soak in the panoramic scene whilst you down some delicious fresh pastries, waffles, fresh fruits and yogurt. The service staff are prompt, professional and friendly.

For an afternoon’s activity, you can hire a boat easily and sail to the last town on the Cinque Terre, or just drop anchor and swim off the shore line not far from one of the towns or the shores cliff edges.

Leave yourself some time to explore the plenty of local markets selling jewellery, leather goods and of course amazing food. And, if you enjoy history, the place has some interesting tours which take you around the ancient castle remains, a medieval fort and a magnificent cathedral. Or, relax with a swim at the Port itself; the water is warm and a perfect aqua blue.


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