Grace Loves Lace’s Elusive Love Collection


It’s not hard to see why Grace loves lace are in love with what they do, continuing to make us swoon with their new collection of timeless and luxurious gowns. Drawn to the vast world around her, ‘Elusive Love’ is an ode to the beautiful rebel who revels in flickering spontaneity and zealous moments. Possessing an insatiable desire for the daring & romantic, this bride is in a league of her own. Each style speaks of the mysterious and intimate relationship between the woman and her dress. Striking the balance between luxury and natural beauty, the gowns evoke an effortless glamour through intuitive elegance and relaxed sophistication. Elusive Love lets the bride reveal her dynamic side, with timeless silhouettes that are made to be styled in her own unique way.










Issue 41 Out Now $15 Free Shipping to Australia