Grace Loves Lace – The Golden Hour


We are thrilled to unveil the beautiful new campaign from the amazing team at Grace Loves Lace. Inspired by pure love, glimpses from around the globe, exhalations of the soul, and stunning textiles, this image series has captured the haunting natural wonders of the mysterious dunes at Kangaroo Island, South Australia, as well as their latest breathtaking designs. These bridal sartorial wizards are going from strength to strength with a brand new website, and a more comprehensive and exciting range than ever before. As well as two international editorial photo shoots under their ornately beaded belts, there are at least three more on the horizon beginning with Paris this week. Sacre bleu!!

“It’s been a huge year already for us, and we feel the very best is yet to come,” says Lucy, from Grace Loves Lace. “We’ve learnt that in order to maintain, you have to change; in order to evolve, you have to be discerning and intuitive; and in order to invent, you need talent, passion, originality, vision and guts. Eschewing a fresh and unique take on the experience of getting married, we are proud to be the revolutionaries defining a new era of bride; the modern, free-spirited woman unbound by monotony and tradition. The unique bride.”



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