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Grace loves Lace: And After Winter Comes Spring…


She is delicate, yet glamorous. Vibrant yet still a minimalist, there is something about her that transcends above all else. The warmth in the air brings a sense of fun, like dancing the night away. Getting lost in the moment, there is nothing else that matters. The intrinsic nature and beauty that spring brings upon us is something special, it can bring out the magic in anyone.

It’s the time of year that excites us the most. The beautiful bold colours create a divine mood board that is brought to life through rich tones, florals and delicate lace. The tones begin to lighten, the days grow longer and the coldness of winter soon becomes a thing of the past. We are taken over by the feeling that anything is possible, hypnotised by the free spirit that is spring.

Elegant crisp whites ooze her effortless nature, though there is still that hint of the goddess that we all want to be. The most luxurious lace hugging every curve, it is not just a wedding dress, it is a dream that has come to life.

Scroll down to see Grace Loves Lace‘s stunning collection below, with images by Pixie Bella Photography.


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