Gitte + Ropate: party in blighty


We’ve got this wedding shoot on the blog today that makes  us feel, well, a little uncool. Okay, a lot uncool. When we first clapped eyes on Gitte and Ropate’s wedding, our own carefully crafted outfits could have jumped off a cliff for all we cared. There were a million burning questions: how does Gitte’s hair stand to such perfect attention? Where did Ropate get his sweet threads from? How do they come off as such an effortlessly calm and stunning couple? And where do we find friends as fun and happening as theirs? Gitte and Ropate’s wedding is the sort of affair that irrefutably proves doing it yourself can be a raging success. The “Olde English” themed, laughter-filled bash took place in two rather quaint English spots: the ceremony at Claerwen Reservoir Dam in Rhayadar, Wales (a sentimental location for the couple), and a friend’s farm in Ballingham, Hereford, for the reception.

Gitte and Ropate did it all, from start to finish, with just under $5000 and the invaluable help of very dedicated friends–a jolly team that stood alongside them and got happily mucky cleaning out horse and cow dung to get the farm ready. They both designed the cake and had it made by Iris, a dear individual Gitte describes as “a talented South-African baroness with crazeeee skills”. The pages of  old and lyrical books were turned into bunting, and the stationery was one beautiful way Gitte and Ropate could show their absolute commitment to the journey they were about to embark on. In other words it was hard yakka, but worth it.

In the end, what unfolded was a day neither of them (or their guests), would ever forget. As Gitte and Ropate are professional photographers, the savvy talents behind Kama Catch Me to be exact, they had peeps who work with them take the shoot, after which they edited. The images are a dream to look at, plus, we love everything about their wedding  simply because it epitomises what a wedding should be about: a gathering of close friends, a showcase of individual style (no matter how untraditional it is), and an event that looks divine and truly reflects the couple without breaking the bank.  Thanks so much Gitte and Ropate, for sharing your extraordinary day. 


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