Ginger + Pearl: Everlasting Love


Ginger + Pearl have loved each other for a lifetime; they have equally loved all they’ve done together, be it in the sun planting tomatoes, or in the cool of the shed sanding back wood. What they teach us about the simpler things in life is both fascinating and humbling. The smiles on their faces leave no secrets; this couple never did life mundane. Their warm and eclectic home of 65 years is filled with little treasures of life together (magnets, ornaments and photographs), a sign of rich experience, contentment and all they have built throughout their journey of unconditional faithfulness. Pearl spent her days feeding the kookaburras and magpies that graced their clothesline, always fitting in a spot of gardening, while Ginger used his varnish-stained hands to restore old furniture and embrace the one he vowed to adore forever. These images tell a story of their enduring love and will stand as a sweet reminder to Ginger of his beautiful wife, who is no longer with us, but whose essence will forever remain. To discover more about this stellar couple pick up a copy of issue 23, though not before you scroll south and linger a moment. Thanks Dan O’Day Photog raphy for sharing your incredible work.


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