Genuine Artisans



Four vendors imbued with creativity and sparked by their own imagination came together to craft this breathtaking and serene scene. They channelled parts of themselves into the shoot, allowing their work to speak freely about their identity. And here we are, witnessing the result of their creative drive and purpose. Read on to discover more about these talented vendors.

Nomad Styling
My personality is nomadic; it is boundless, wild and free. I’m forever searching for ways to grow, both personally and through my work. I always need to challenge myself or else I feel lost, without purpose. I thrive when I’m working on new and exciting projects and meeting new people; other like-minded souls who challenge me and make me grow. I’m a romantic at heart so I think deep down that was a driving force pushing me into the wedding industry. The energy of each set-up day is like a caffeine hit direct to my soul. It’s truly electric—the high of seeing your designs come to life to me is magic. Seeing guests walk into the space in awe, the faces of the brides and grooms as they see it for the first time; I can literally feel the energy levels in the room rise. It’s become quite the addiction to me, and it’s also one of the driving forces for me to keep pushing forward with new ideas.

By The Glass
We are very serious about what we do but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are fun, positive, professional, lighthearted … and can make a great martini! We always wondered why you could not get a drink to the standard of the world’s best bars at a wedding. We felt that the food catering aspect had really lifted over the years but beverages were an afterthought. Drinks play such a pivotal role in the experience of the day, and serving beautiful and memorable cocktails does not have to mean “expensive”. We love to celebrate and are very sociable people. We also love to see people smile. Weddings are a joyful occasion and it is nice to be a part of such a special day.

Wild Daughter
I love to live in the here and now. I live through my senses and am a bit of a pleasure seeker. I feel happiest when I have workers’ hands and a poet’s vision. I couldn’t take off my rose-coloured glasses if I tried. A little while ago, I was really doing some soul-searching about where to take my business. I did a bit of meditating and this beautiful image popped into my mind of a woman holding a wild bouquet full of beautiful open blooms, wild grasses and things foraged from the land. I think of this woman holding a wild bouquet to represent her love whenever I create my florals and I guess that’s where the name “Wild Daughter” came from. I knew I wanted to serve the romantics out there and I wanted to create floral beauty to match their intensity. The couples who contact me are really forging their own path in life. It’s an honour to be part of that. And it’s an opportunity to make art.

Brown Paper Parcel
I would describe myself as an ambivert who loves a dance floor equally as much as reading a book in the bath with a whiskey in hand; a pun joke enthusiast, loyal, stickler for board
game rules, passionate and hardworking. I think I’m sensitive to my surroundings in a photographic sense and a humanistic one too. I enjoy being thrust into the inner circle of people’s lives. I’ve sewn brides into dresses that have had a burst seam, carried uncountable jackets, umbrellas, handbags, lipsticks and spare shoes for guests, dried bridesmaids’ tears and shed a few of my own silently behind my camera during speeches. After the event I get to deliver images/memories that they hopefully cherish forever. What keeps me staying in this industry is the incredible connections that are forged on such an emotional day. You start out as strangers and quite often come out the other side of this whirlwind of laughter, tears and cake, as friends.


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