Gemma + Tim


We had planned a trip away for a few days to Capertee for a little getaway to somewhere new. It was our third day there and we decided to go on another hike (we had done one previously that day) and after a few hours of hiking in the Capertee Valley we sat down in an open field and had some lunch. We were just talking about how beautiful our surroundings were when I turned back to Tim who was down on bended knee with my engagement ring. I don’t remember if he even finished asking before I said yes and had my arms wrapped around him.

It’s pretty hard to pick one moment, but the few that really stood out were getting ready on the day of our elopement and having Gemma on the other side of the dressing screen. Knowing she was just there, but at the same time feeling so far away as I wasn’t allowed to see her, just got me even more excited for the reveal. And then seeing her for the first time was just magical. But my favourite last memory of the day was riding off on my bike with my new wife on the back – who wouldn’t enjoy that moment! Gemma: The look on Tim’s face when he turned around! It’s like a photograph in my mind that I will carry with me always. His face reflected back to me all the feelings I had at that moment.

Tim: Speechless … that’s probably the best way to describe how I felt when I saw Gemma. I wasn’t nervous, I was just excited and then to see her in that dress and looking absolutely incredible was just amazing. My jaw just dropped and I couldn’t believe I was getting to marry my angel. Gemma: All I wanted to do was kiss him – but I couldn’t! Every time I look at him, I feel like I am home.


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