1920’s Jazz Themed Garden Wedding Party!


Marriage means making a promise to my absolute best friend in the world that I’ll be there by his side for the rest of our lives. Sharing the delicious moments together and working through our tough moments as a team.”

Georgie and Guy’s 1920’s jazz themed garden party was a DIY dream! Held on a private property on the peninsula of Victoria, they had the incredible freedom to design a wedding day that was an overflow of everything they loved. From the records playing in the background, to the mismatched collection of china plates and crystal glasses, everything was built or lovingly collected by them.

Then there was the wine, the beer made by a friends brewery, the VERY untraditional mix of the food they love, jazz music everywhere, big wheels of cheese for a cake and their dog running around being a menace the whole time… a beautiful combination which made up their ultimate party!

Nothing could stop them from having their dream wedding, not even the 38 degree (100 fahrenheit!!) day that Melbourne decided to put on for their completely outdoor wedding! To bring their 1920’s style jazz wedding to life, they had Jess from Pop-Up With Style. We couldn’t recommend her enough if you’re considering a wedding down on the Peninsula!

The night ended with Georgie + Guy’s surprise duet to Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald. Everyone who knows Gerogie knew that she would belt out a number, but as a surprise she had been giving Guy singing lessons to join in on the Louis Armstrong part. The reaction was priceless when he began singing! Scroll to the end to see!


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