Full of Whimsy + Grace: Styled Beach Wedding


This one’s for the romantics, the free spirits, the ones with sand on their dress and flowers in their hair. This shoot has the dreamiest beach wedding inspiration and we couldn’t wait to share it with you! Full of grace + a whole lot of whimsy, keep reading for all the inspo behind the shoot.

This shoot was curated with the intention of representing elegance with a hint of playfulness. We drew inspiration from the surrounding environment – the textures, movement and colour of the ocean and sand so that we created something that felt harmonious and authentic to the environment. Pops of blue was used to bring out various elements and complimented the subtle surrounding tones of blush, beige, ivory and white.  We were able to use a fun custom hand painted and calligraphy denim jacket, designed specifically as a one of a kind for this concept.  The flowers created had both a traditional option, and a less traditional shape, using a variety of textures, hierarchy and colours to give interest to the eye. We opted for textured fabrics from the velvet lounge to the embroidered dress, which added personality, and romantic messy hairstyles to keep it feminine. The Kombi was a crucial element to keeping the look light hearted, tying in with the blue theme. Movement was captured well with a gorgeous hand made veil, blowing freely in the wind with the hand dyed ribbon, creating a whimsy and grace with each step taken.


Dunes-W18 from Moment Seeker.


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