A site for sore eyes


Whenever we pop over to From the Owl’s website, we usually emerge from our computers looking like deranged possum-bitten hobos, mainly because it’s so darn hard to keep track of time once you hit their homepage. We sit, starring for hours (maybe days), lost in and intoxicated by beautiful wares: hip flasks for men just begging to be engraved; wall art so lovely you could marry it. Time becomes meaningless and the menacing fungus crawling out of our cold teacups barely registers.

So imagine our reaction when From the Owl told us they had revamped their website. It was a moment of glee and sorrow rolled into one. Glee because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to go AWOL rifling through a website chockers full of cool stuff. Sorrow because we probably wouldn’t see our editor again for a while. Hop online to From the Owl though and you’ll see what we mean. The entire site—online store and wedding registry—has had a luscious makeover. Everything is as easy to find as your own nose which, oxymoronically, makes losing yourself that much easier too.

They have still kept great features like their secure online wishing well, but have added a few new ones, like shipping Australia-wide for free on all orders over $100. There’s also a shed-load of new brands to fall in love with, like MAYDE, Gentlemen’s Hardware, Kip & Co. and Milk & Sugar. But don’t just take our word for it, check it out for yourself. Pack a warm sweater, you’ll be gone for a while!


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