Fresh Flowers and Childhood Sweethearts Wedding


Krystel and Lachlan first met at school when they were eight years old. Instantly good friends, they went all the way through to graduation sharing a deep connection. “I always had the feeling that he was the one,” Krystal said, “But we both needed to do a lot of growing up before we could come together.”

But even after they had gone their separate ways, Krystel could never get Lachlan out of her head: it was a sign that he was the one!

Krystel was six months pregnant and totally taken off-guard when Lachlan asked Krystel to marry him. Krystel’s son, Jaydon, and Lachlan were in the kitchen preparing an incredible dinner. Krystel didn’t think anything of it as Lachlan loves to cook. But after dinner, when Krystel had left to recline on the couch, she could hear hushed whispers between Jaydon and Lachlan. So when Lachlan came over to her and asked her to sit up, she was immediately concerned that something was wrong. Instead, Lachlan pulled the ring out of his pocket and asked Krystel to marry him with Jaydon looking on.

The moment was truly special to Krystel, as Jaydon isn’t Lachlan’s son, and yet Lachlan made sure he was a part of the proposal right from the start. Lachlan had actually asked Jaydon months before if he could marry Krystel, and had kept him in the loop about when he was going to do it.

What do you love most about your partner? The way he makes me feel. When I look into his eyes I can feel the love he has for me going through my entire body.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? Our first dance together as husband and wife. We danced to “I’m kissing you” by Des’ree. It’s not until I watch the video that I realised people were standing around us. On the night it was like there was no one else there.

Describe your wedding theme. I love fresh flowers so I wanted lots of beautiful, fresh flowers! I wanted our wedding to be very elegant and intimate, and I wanted our guests to walk away from our wedding feeling the love.

What was your favourite detail? My Vera Wang dress! I always used to tell my mother that I was going to wear a Vera Wang dress on my wedding day. So for my wedding day, mum brought me my Vera Wang dress.

What is marriage to you? Marriage to me is being in a relationship with someone that you can’t see yourself without.  It’s about being with that person who walks into the room and you instantly smile. Everyday that I wake up beside Lachlan I smile to myself. I love him with every single part of me.


Krystel + Lachlan // Brisbane, Sirromet from Little White Cinema on Vimeo.


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