A French summer wedding with Anna + Ross


Ross and Anna cemented their relationship with a French summer wedding last year, an occasion filled with family, friends, “love, glitter and sparkles”. For Anna, it seems Ross’ proposal was just as special as the day itself:

“On my birthday, December 5 2013, Ross came into the room with a huge present; a box. I didn’t know what to think, but I wasn’t suspicious. I unwrapped the first box and inside that was another box, and then another and another. By this time I was a bit confused, but I couldn’t believe what was happening! I got to the last gift box, and opened it; it was filled with tissue paper and lying on top was a small book. Inside Ross had printed a photo of us on each page, throughout the six and a half years we had been together. The title of the book was Where It All Began and on the last page, it said ‘To Be Continued’ and then half the book had blank pages. By this time I was crying and shaking and understanding what was about to happen. I searched through the tissue paper and underneath there was another small box. Ross took the box from me and opened it up. My perfect ring was there and I couldn’t stop crying. I said yes and we hugged and cried. It was amazing, and I think it was exactly how Ross wanted it to be.”

Dear Ross

To me, marriage is about always knowing that we will be there for each other, that we are a team, no matter what. I know that you are by my side. We share the same morals and beliefs and although we both have different dreams and experiences in life, we want to share them and go on new adventures together. We already have a beautiful family and we have created a beautiful home, but I want to expand on those and continue to be happy in our life. I know that we can achieve whatever we set out to do, and even though life hasn’t always been so easy, I believe that’s what makes us stronger. You make me laugh every day, and it is your easygoing and relaxed nature that makes you so perfect for me. You balance me out and make me see the glass half full or the funny side of a situation. I have so much love and respect for you and I count my stars every day at how lucky I am to have you in my life. I want to continue to explore the world with you, follow our dreams, and grow as a person with you by my side. I know our life will be full of love, laughter and friendship.

Dear Anna

As a boy, I spared no thought towards wanting to get married when I grew into a man. I knew that I didn’t want to spend a life alone, but didn’t believe that a life of happiness could be spent with any one person. This all changed the day we met in that pub in Muswell Hill! I could tell from minute one that we had something that not many others could have. There was an ease or immediate comfort around each other. No nerves, no worrying about what to say or how the other would take what we said. It was just so natural, like we had known each other for as long as we could remember. Now that you are my wife, I feel 10 feet tall. Undefeatable and able to overcome any obstacle that life throws my way. I’m not the most religious of people but I’ve said it to you so many times because I really believe it; you are my angel. You’ve been put on this earth to save me and I hope I have for you. I know we will have a long and happy life together, with so much laughter along the way.


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