Freedom To Create


With the release of our latest Issue on Freedom, we sat down with four incredible creatives and talked creativity, business, freedom and inspiration with them.

Jennifer Sosa Photographer

When I first started weddings back in 2009 I thought if I were a bride none of the photographers on the market at the time would understand me. I essentially became the photographer I would want to hire one day. Its hard to describe what I bring but I’d say I offer an idealistic journalistic approach that’s a little bit east coast and a little bit west coast. When it comes to keeping my work free and true to my personality, I try my best to pay attention to those moments that make my heart sing. It’s those images that seem to have the most impact. Not sure how that works. When you feel something as you take the photo its as if others can feel it as well. At least thats the case for me. I’m incredibly drawn to mid century photography where it be a snapshot taken by an uncle or the street journalists like Helen Levitt or Vivian Maier. What I see is not only an artist taking an ordinary moment and making it art but, a subject who’s just being their true authentic self.

Alice Ann Clark of Borrowed Blu

Here at Borrowed BLU we bring a luxury table top rental experience for any and all events. Everything from vintage glassware, to modern sleek dishware, we cater to the client who is looking for a specialty rental to elevate any table. We look forward to creating beautiful and welcoming tables for couples to host their closest friends and family on their big day. Our product ads personality as well as design to any tabletop. Our collections are personally picked and curated by our Creative Director and Founder Cassandra Stearns. We also have several collections actually designed and manufactured by hear and our team! We are inspired by all things design; we look to textures, florals, colors and food to inspire our collections and aesthetics. Our table top inspiration is not limited to dishware and flatware, but also florals and linens as well as the delicious food that will inevitably go on our collections. A sleek, minimalist, yet purposeful environment sparks our creativity. Our ideal environment is an al fresco dining experience, surround by lush natural scenery and a warm welcoming table.

Carly Rae Weddings and Primary Petals

We pride ourselves on bringing class and fun together. Often times, weddings can be trendy to keep things interesting. We want to keep some of the same designs but we want to also create interest in our style. Never boring, always beautiful. Being in weddings, our objective is to take the nerve off. Think of your wedding planner as a stiff cocktail after a rough week at work. Inspiration can come from the client’s furniture in their home or can come from talking a walk down the road and looking around and seeing a flower I’ve never seen and want to implement into the design. It can come from traveling and seeing new places or eating at a new restaurant. Inspiration comes at random and I just have to keep my eyes open. When it comes to my plans for the future, I can’t give my secrets away just yet. But there is many amazing things ahead. Some I have planned and some that will happen without plans. I’m excited. 

Alex Choura of Goodheart Design

I try to bring a fresh take on wedding paper goods and signage. From the invitations to the wedding menus, each paper good can bring its own unique style and compliments to the wedding. Often paper goods are over looked while planning weddings but with modern calligraphy back in trend and all the amazing methods of printing, letterpress, foil and screenprint, wedding paper goods are better then ever! I like to remind brides of that and get them excited about adding those fun details to their wedding day. My works helps them express their style through the details. For example, often the bride and groom want to express some sort of gratitude towards all their guests for attending their wedding and being a part of their journey to love. We can come up with fun ideas to thank them from personal handwritten calligraphy thank you notes to ‘thank you’ favor tags attached to a thoughtful parting gift. I try and not focus too much on what’s ‘in’ or trendy and just work from my gut. That way it feels more personal and more like a part of me. It’s easy to get caught up in the trends or other really beautiful / creative ideas so I try to take inspiration from those instead of jumping right on the train. I love when my clients come to me because of my personal style and not to just be the hand that designs for them.



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