For the romantics, the bohemians, the artists.


This shoot by The Moody Romantic is for the romantics, the bohemians, the artists – it is eclectic, modern, and took a fresh approach to the popular boho wedding style! This shoot is inspiration for the kind of couple who are cool yet contemplative, artsy and relaxed.

What was beautiful was that the couple in the shoot were actually married! Pierce actually played the ukulele we handed him, and Ashtyn is a bridal stylist!

It was captured at Brake and Clutch Warehouse in Dallas, Texas, and was the perfect venue – the lighting was pure magic! Tones of bronze, brass, gold, and warm neutrals with pops of champagne filled the day.

Amelia of Yellow Thistle Designs created some amazing floral magic that completely blew us away! The foraged and dried floral elements that were incorporated in the installations fit well with our eclectic mix of old and new: gorgeous modern typography by Carleigh Courey Designs, old furniture from Coral Lane.

And Brooke of The Rosemary Bakery made pies (both large pies and mini heart pies that fit in envelopes!) and rosewater meringues in lieu of cake. So many elements of the wedding day are often chosen based on tradition, but Kathryn from The Moody Romantic wanted to offer couples ideas for ways to make the day their own!

We were obsessed with the gorgeous light streaming over the altar space, highlighting the vintage rug, the bouquet, Ashtyn’s Rue De Seine gown, and most of all, the sweet love Ashtyn and Pierce share.


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