Flower crowns, naked cakes and lace gowns


Elegant bridal showers are fast becoming the new favourite for brides these days, with gold leaf foiled macaroons replacing tacky paraphernalia. Brides will surely be letting out a collective sigh of relief when they’re invited to a high tea. In this shoot, our bride glows in white against crisp walls, a dusty pink throw, a tan couch, and the black vintage fireplace. Read on to learn more about the features of this styled shoot, and then scroll on to see the beautiful images by Kas Richards.

The Mini:

This Suzanne Harward playful mini makes it irresistible to twirl. It’s the kind of dress you’ll never want to take off, and will find any and every excuse to wear.

The Sweet Treats:

Sweets tables are every woman’s best friend. Which pretty much makes Bella Sweets the most incredible person ever! Plus, her treats are completely Instagram worthy – marble has undeniably become every bloggers dream. So, if you add a gold leaf foiling to this you’re onto a killer combination. I’m not even going to mention how delicious they all tasted – because that would just be teasing.

The Crowning Glory:

Every day you might wear an invisible crown, but a bridal shower is the perfect opportunity to wear one for real. Jeanette Maree’s headpieces are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

The Beautiful Blooms:

Floral focal points by Poppy Culture HQ will dress any space up and give it the most beautiful feminine vibe.


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