Florence Inspired Wedding: Christian + Simone


Christian and Simone’s proposal story is similar to many in that the man was acting strange and the woman was becoming annoyed. But that’s about where the similarity ends! Two weeks into an Italian summer getaway in Florence, Simone was hurriedly awoken from a nap to catch the sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo…in the pouring rain. After trekking through the rain to reach the top, Christian steered Simone away from the crowds before getting down on one knee. Simone couldn’t believe it. “In Florence?!” she exclaimed. “Is that a yes?” he laughed in reply and they spent the rest of the evening on an adrenaline high, drinking wine and sampling cheese by the Arno River. They held onto the secret until they flew home, enjoying their time together.

Christian is Italian and Simone has always had an affinity for Italian elegance and design. With the proposal in Florence there was no denying that their wedding would be strongly influenced by the picturesque city. With the help of the stunning Yarra Valley, the choice of venue, florals, table decorations, and the bride’s invitation designs were all inspired by the beauty, nature, and people of Florence. This Italian flair was combined with a talent for DIY to create a rustic finish.

What do you love most about your partner?

Simone: Christian has the gentlest heart I have ever known. He possesses a wicked sense of humour, cares deeply and loves irrevocably. He loves me for all of me, including my biggest insecurities. His love is so fluid – it’s as easy as breathing. You just let it flow in and around you; you go where it takes you. There isn’t a day that has passed without Christian managing to make me laugh – I’m his biggest fan!

Christian: Simone is the most determined person I have ever met who always wants to strive forward. She has the kindest heart and will do anything for anyone. I love her quirky fashion sense and she has a smile that can light up the darkest room. To be honest, there’s not one part of Simone I love more than the other because I love everything about her. I can’t imagine my life without her.

Scroll down to see pics of the couple’s Florence inspired day.


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