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Finley + Luke


We’re taking a look back on the blog today to one of our fabulous wedding features from issue 26. Enchanted Wedding Photography captured Finley and Luke’s wedding beautifully, so we couldn’t wait to bring you more snaps of it! But before you enjoy the visual feast that lays ahead for you as you scroll down, read this adorable couple’s engagement story below.

‘We decided to go camping on our six-year anniversary. Luke had been planning for a few months to propose on that day. He had already asked permission from my parents a few weeks earlier which they were ecstatic about. We both worked on the Friday, finished early then went down to Stevensons Falls for the weekend with our dog Ruby. We set up camp, collected firewood, ate dinner and sat around drinking a couple of glasses of wine. Luke kept insisting he go into the tent and set up his computer for us to watch a movie while I got ready for bed. As I came into the tent he was sitting on the bed and said ‘there’s only one thing that could make this day better, will you marry me?’ as he pulled out a ring. I started crying after which Ruby ran out of the tent and got into a fight with another dog!’


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