What a fine day


On 14th and 15th September something pretty cool went down at Sun Studios, Alexandria, Sydney. One Fine Day took place with more splendour and vavavoom than any happening shindig we can recall mingling at. The decor was glorious, with vendors strutting their skills at stalls that looked poached from movie sets (yes, they were that divine and authentic). The crowds poured in, winging their way like bees from colourful arrangement to colourful arrangement. We were literally among a sea of delighted faces–wide eyes, broad smiles, hyper-animated chattering. As always, impeccable organisation was behind the flawless flow of both days and no doubt responsible for the feeling of elation we walked away with it, too. Like a good meal, everything was beautifully presented and satisfying from beginning to end. Take a look below for a taster of one very fine day. 


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