Fine Art Garden Wedding Inspiration


Elegance, simplicity and delicacy.

We are in love with this inspiration shoot from the creative team at Laurel & Grace! This fine art themed shoot, captured effortlessly by international film photographer Honey Gem Creative, had a stunning ethereal feel.

They chose to create two distinct looks – warm toned and cool toned – to showcase the power of colour to create different moods. The details were very important to them and so they chose other suppliers who values this also, as they make each and every special day unique. Each gown was created specifically to suit the vision of the shoot, and hand embroidered with love.

Inspired by Fine Art and Classical elements, along with light and delicate textures, this shoot has a fresh feminine feel, which lends itself well to an old venue with Victorian Era architecture like this one. They chose to keep the elements humble and focus on the finer details in order for each part to play a bigger role in telling a holistic story.


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