Fairy Garden Wedding: Gabrielle + Pete


Pete and Gabrielle took a two week vacation in New York with Pete’s sister, Jen, and her husband, Bryce. While posing for a photo atop a rock in Central Park, Pete dropped to his knee and asked Gabrielle to marry him. Gabrielle’s heart was racing! She said yes, and Pete began to take off her right red knitted glove before Gabrielle whispered, “Pete it’s the wrong hand.” Laughing, he corrected himself and stood up to give Gabrielle a big kiss. A whole crowd of people who were watching cheered, and tears of happiness began flowing. Bryce captured the whole thing on video.

Despite having gone through high school together, the pair didn’t really talk until a mutual friend’s party. A few weeks of hanging out later, Gabrielle had a feeling he was the one. And she wasn’t alone! After that initial conversation, Pete said, “that’s when I knew I wanted to know worlds more about this girl. So we started hanging out more and more, then about three weeks in I said to Gab while laying on the beach in the hot summer sand, ‘I’m going to marry you’.”

Inspired by the illustrations in Gabrielle’s favourite childhood book, Rainbow Magic by Shirley Barber, the couple were married in the picturesque Hunter Valley. Gabrielle described it as “a rainforest fairy garden”. And the pair couldn’t get enough of the flowers! “Everywhere you looked there was an abundance of colour and greenery – it was just magical!”

What was your favourite part of the wedding day?
Gabrielle: It would have to be being surrounded by everyone we love, it’s the best feeling.
Pete: Watching Gab walk down the isle, I had to try really hard to keep it together!

Check out the beautiful snaps of their wedding day by Robert Meredith below!


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