Experience Katalane


Katalane tents are not your average run-of-the-mill marquee company. They specialise in the hire and assembly of the charming and extraordinary Giant Nordic Event Tents known as Katas; a unique tepee-style tent originating from the Sami people of northern Scandinavia.

 There are two types of Kata Tents for hire. The first and biggest Kata is the Giant Kata or Giant Hat as it’s referred to. The second is the Kungsörnen. Join them up as you want to create a space that entices and mesmerises. And like us, Katalane love a good road trip so don’t be afraid to ask them to travel. They service NSW and beyond.

Giant Hat

As a single tent it can hold 100 guest for a stand-up cocktail reception and 72 for a sit down dinner. On hot days, the sides can be raised to form a rim, which gives free air circulation and shade during hot days. It also increases the diameter allowing up to 128 seated guests. Of course, the Katas can be joined together to form bigger spaces as your event requires.


This is a smaller tent but can still accommodate 40 people seated. It can also be connected to the Giant Hat for some extra space—a chill out area, lounge, greeting area or catering tent. Both Katas can safely accommodate open fireplaces, perfect for cooler climates. The open fireplace is designed especially for these tents and provides great warmth in chillier months while creating a wonderful atmosphere that will prove to be a talking point long after the event is over.


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