Everglow Photography: Ethan & Ayla


What do you get when you combine a remarkable beach setting, a sublime country photoshoot and a wonderfully rustic reception, all captured by Everglow Photography? Ethan and Ayla’s wedding is the perfect example of how a mixture of themes can be just the ticket for a ceremony and reception that screams individuality. Scroll down to learn more about this delightful couple through the eyes of the bride.

The proposal
Ethan suggested we organise a photoshoot so that we would have some nice photos of us to keep and give to family and friends, especially since we had been planning on moving back to Australia (we were living in Sweden). The photographer we used just so happened to be a close family friend of mine, so when Ethan approached him and said he was going to propose in the middle of the shoot he was more than happy to help make it happen. He met with the photographer and made a rough plan on what moment he was going to get down on one knee and pop the question and organised all the extra props to make it romantic: candles, flowers, wine and lanterns. We chose the location, a calm beautiful jetty on the lake in the countryside. A romantic photoshoot was a great disguise for the proposal, so I definitely didn’t see it coming! It turned out the bouquet of flowers we used as a prop for the shoot was where he hid the ring. Near the end of the photoshoot, when it was getting dark he pulled the ring out of the middle of the bouquet of flowers and got on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I said yes!

The wedding
The most unique thing about our wedding was how we decided to do our vows in both English, and Swedish. But the most amazing thing about our wedding was how beautiful the day turned out, and the vibe we had. We wanted a relaxed, down-to-earth and intimate feel and it was just that. Cozy.

Your relationship
One special thing about our relationship is that we knew very, very early that we were meant to be, and we just clicked.

Advice for future brides?
Even after all the preparing and the hours planning, not everything is going to go the way you thought it would. Have the ability to look at it and smile, knowing that in the end it really doesn’t matter because it’s about the special moments shared with your best friend and the people you love. On the day, take a step back with your husband often, savour the moments and take it all in. Look at all the people who have been with you on the journey and see how much fun they are having celebrating with you. Enjoy every moment, because it goes so quickly!


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