Ephemeral Creative – Dreamtime Beach Wedding, Byron Bay


Wedding photos with genuine emotions and timeless edits are our jam. We look at so many weddings every single day that it’s refreshingly wonderful to see the ones that stand out – either through the emotion, connection or location, and especially the way the wedding is captured. For Ephemeral Creative, formerly Trent and Jessie, this is always the case for every wedding they capture! Featured today is Melissa + Daniel’s intimate wedding at Dreamtime Beach! Looking after the styling + florals herself, Melissa looked incredible in a fitted Grace Loves Lace gown, and her and her new husband partied the night away under Byron Bay stars.

For Ephemeral Creative, their aesthetic is noticeable and inviting. Known as Trent and Jessie Photographers for 5 years, we had already fallen in love with their brand. But this year they have rebranded, creating a new home for their wedding work, refining their aesthetic and.. drum roll.. offering wedding films! Enter Tim – their very good friend and talented cinematographer. This year Ephemeral Creative have put together a team who vibe well and understand how each other works. Passionate about their craft, these photos and films truly complement one another (please do click on the wedding film below – it almost had us in tears!).

What are you offering that is different from the rest? 

A major catalyst for our new business, was being able to offer both photo and film, where both products compliment each other in style and aesthetic and it also makes a huge difference on the day as well, with the three of us understanding how the others work and being able to work cohesively. 

What do you love about your job?

 The incredible access we gain into other’s lives, it’s such a beautiful privilege, and the thought that these moments that we’re capturing will help preserve their memories of the day for years to come, reminding them of promises and how well they are loved, it’s pretty special.

What does marriage mean to you? 

Marriage to us means, always having your best friend there to walk together through whatever each season brings, it means supporting each other, believing the best of each other and showing a whole lot of grace. It means being vulnerable, being known completely and loving no matter what.

Before you jump into Melissa + Daniel’s wedding film and photos, we wanted to share a little bit of their back story! To propose, Danny recreated their first date – they went to St Helena lookout after a day in Byron Bay, and he’d packed a little surprise picnic.. and a beautiful diamond which he proposed with (and he filmed the whole thing!). Together for 14 years, they have “always known from the very beginning. I love that despite how long we have already been together, he loves me unconditionally, imperfections and all.”

For Melissa, her favorite part of the wedding day was the first look. “It is such an overwhelmingly busy day and it was just amazing to spend an hour together before seeing our guests and saying our vows. I would seriously recommend this to calm the nerves and just be alone together, before enjoying the rest of the day with your friends and family!”

Their wedding day was minimal, elegant and effortless. They prioritized music, food and drink (heck yes!). This memorable party in a beautiful setting was so unique to them, and so without further adieu, here is their wedding day!


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