Advice for your Engagement – Secret Island Shoot in Oslo, Norway


Raise your hand if you love basically every shoot you’ve ever seen in Norway? Us too, but there was something wonderfully unique and mesmerising about this windy engagement shoot by Emilia and Valentin on the shores of Oslo. Aneta + Greg’s walk along a pebble beach of their secret island, a wild but quiet place hidden in the Northern sea. The wind on the island was so strong that we could barely hear anything and the cold rain were hurting our faces, all of these gave a particular and emotional feeling to our adventure.

And they were so present, standing on the rocks and holding each other like nothing else matters.

This was a powerful picture to us of the season of engagement and preparation for a lifetime together. We’re huge fans of weddings (clearly), but there’s something very sweet about it being stripped back, just the two of you, before your marriage begins. Standing on the shores of decision – what kind of marriage are you going to have? What are the values that you share and how are you going to walk them out on the days that are easy or the days that are hard?

The wedding day may be fast approaching but what’s more important than those last minute details or crafting the perfect speech is that you’re about to begin something HUGE – preparing for a lifetime with the person you love. 

The heart behind this magazine is to cultivate ‘a marriage as beautiful as your wedding day.’ We envision a generation of marriages who care more about growing old together than having a pinterest-perfect wedding.

Learning to reorient your mind toward the end goal NOT of your wedding day and being a bride and groom, but of your wedding and being a husband and wife. Keep this at the forefront of your mind – weddings are good, but marriage is better. The first day is important, but the choices you make now are better made in light of the last day.

Here’s the thing – when you have a healthy perspective that the end goal of your wedding is the marriage, your heart is liberated to make healthy decisions, both small and large. Time goes fast during engagement, but we want to encourage you to weigh it down with thankfulness so you can live slowly, presently, appreciating the unique beauty of this time so that you can prepare to love your future-husband or wife fiercely, fully and faithfully for the rest of your lives.

True joy runs deeper than just this one season and will overflow into your marriage!


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