Emotional and Elegant Wedding Video – Melbourne Wedding


This wedding video had us feeling all the feels – videographer Luke Bickley captured this elegant Melbourne wedding in such a sweet and romantic way (who doesn’t love music from Sleeping At Last!). We couldn’t wait to share this vide with you – it’ll be a few minutes of your day so well spent!

We talked with Amanda about their love story:

Tell us about your proposal:

A year before we got married Nick took me to Argentina, a country he had visited many times and wanted to share with me. Little did I know, but a proposal was on the cards! As we ventured up the side of a glacial mountain at the crack of dawn in Patagonia and Nick got down on one knee.

I probably said “Oh my god” over twenty times before bursting into (very happy) tears! It is this sense of adventure that we love about each other and we can’t wait see where the next chapter of their lives together will take us.

How did you know your partner was the one?

I knew from the moment I met Nick that he was the perfect man for me. His cheeky sense of humour, generous and inquisitive nature and laid back approach to life is infectious. I know life will never be boring with Nick around!

What do you love most about your partner?

Nick encourages me in everything I choose to do and it is a fabulous feeling to know that no matter how things turn out I know I will always have his support.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? 

To tell the truth the whole day was magical from the walk down the aisle and saying our vows to our first dance we could not have wished for a better day. But a moment that was really stood out was taking timeout from the reception to have a quiet moment together just the two of us for the first time as husband and wife. We stood on the balcony away from the guests and enjoyed a stunning sunset and a glass of champagne together – it was really special and the perfect opportunity to reflect on the day so far.

We had our ceremony at Labassa Mansion which was very traditional then followed with a sophisticated beach side reception at the Stokehouse. Both venues were gorgeous on their own so we went with simple flowers in pink including peonies, David Austin roses and stand out proteas.

We really wanted to have a big party for our guests so focused more on creating a fun atmosphere rather than placing too much emphasis on the little details   – We cracked a Methuselah of Bollinger champagne instead of a cake, served cocktails as the dancing started and had a saxophonist, singer (the amazing Pam from Rutherford Entertainment) ad DJ who had everyone up on the dancefloor until the clock struck midnight! 

What is marriage to you? .

Marriage is the promise to love and support each other no matter what life throws your way. Although marriage doesn’t physically change anything, saying your vows of commitment in front of your loved ones definitely cements you a team. Marriage is exciting and rewarding when life is good, and is also the glue that holds your relationship together when times get tough. Marriage goes far further than just the wedding day – But there is nothing like a fantastic celebration to begin your married life together!


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