Emma + Matt: Romance in the Forest


When you have a guest list that tips the scales with over 300 guests and a dream to be wedded in a romantic enchanting forest, things can get a little tricky. But if you have the attitude of this adorable couple, you’ll soon learn one important life lesson; anything is possible. The gorgeous Emma and Matt brought the outside in with their stunning forest-themed wedding and were able to enjoy the best of both worlds, binding their souls in front of their nearest and dearest surrounded by low hanging floating lights and delightful timber elements to make the whole day feel like a complete fairytale. Lucky for them, (and all of us in fact) the wonderfully talented photographic duo Trent and Jessie were there to capture all of their intimate moments. And of course, the results are nothing less than completely breathtaking. Scroll down south and take a moment to linger.


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