Emily + Tucker: Vintage Bliss


A cute 1940’s vintage dress, a wedding pie (instead of cake), and a relaxed lakeside location are just a few of the delightful details of Emily + Tucker’s recent nuptials in Lake Erie State Park.

Discover their dreamy love story and swoon over images beautifully captured by Nicole Mason!


“We were celebrating our 7-year anniversary with a weekend getaway in Saratoga Springs. We were hiking Hadley Mountain, and finally reached an overlook that we thought was the top. Tuck was facing me a few paces away and looking over his shoulder at the view when he asked me to take a photo of him. It’s when he started directing my camera angle ‘a little lower, a little lower’, that my heart first started racing. I dropped my camera around my neck as he dropped to one knee — his hand clutching the ring box in my very last photo.

We sat side by side on the rocky ledge of our secluded little mountaintop. Just the two of us. We took a picture of the ring to send to our families, only to find out we had no cell service at the top of the mountain. So for two hours, the engagement was ours and ours alone. And we loved that. We took our time down the mountain, holding our secret close between us.”


“I think we learned early on that we have no interest in a life without each other, and we chose to trust that.”


“I remember when we first visited the venue back in December. We were looking to the then-empty parking lot, trying to imagine what it would feel like to see it full — full of all the people we love from every corner of our lives and every page of our story. In the moments following the ceremony, we stood on a bridge between our ceremony and reception, with a flooded parking lot to our left and a parade of guests to our right. We gave each and every person a tight squeeze as they crossed the bridge until it was just the two of us again. We looked at each other completely awestruck by what we had just experienced: all of our favourite people gathered together in a place that means so much to us. Turns out it was just as surreal as we imagined it would be.”


“Our pie table. Aside from being our favourite dessert, we also grew up witnessing the power of pie, and its ability to bring people together. So we knew early on that we’d be opting for wedding pies over wedding cake. And the way our loved ones ran with our vision was incredible. My mum taught herself how to hand-crochet doilies to layer under the pie stands. My mum and maid of honour collected beautiful vintage pie servers. My maid of honour’s mum created the sweetest little signs for each flavour of pie. And one of my bridesmaids spent months helping me collect china plates to stack on the side. I could look at that pie table and see so many people’s hand prints all over it. The love that went into it is just so reflective of the love that went into our entire day.”


“Marriage is intentionally choosing to love one another and to be with one another. Day in and day out. When it’s easy and when it’s not. It’s the recognition that everything with him is better than anything without him. And for that reason, I’ll always choose him.”



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