Emily + Chase: An Icelandic Adventure


Meet Emily + Chase; a cute couple who recently tied the knot amidst steep red cliffs in the foothills of a volcanic mountain in Hverir, Iceland! We asked them to share some words on their adventurous and intimate nuptials, so keep scrolling to hear their story and to see stunning images captured by The Kitcheners, Dylan and Johanna.

The proposal.

“Chase knew that I would be particular about a ring surprise – any anything public – so he let me help design my ring. He picked it up without me knowing and after some time I asked if he had heard anything about it. Once I knew that he had it, I presented him with a cost/value analysis, convincing him that the sooner he gave it to me the more wear I would get out of it and the better value it would be over the life of the ring. In bed, with coffee in hand and tears in his eyes, he asked me to marry him.”

How did you know that your partner was the one?

Emily: “Being with him felt like coming up for air. I knew immediately that he would be important, and within weeks that he would be my husband.”

Chase: “Emily has always felt like home. I never questioned it.”

What do you love most about your partner?

Emily: “I love Chase’s brilliant, his vocabulary, his profound and insatiable knowledge. I love the way that he interprets his environment into logical design and reminds me of all of the things in the world that there is to be in love with.”

Chase: “I love Emily’s curiosity; her willingness to try or do anything and the way she soaks up novel experiences. She’s just the right amount of person.”

The wedding day.

“The whole day was an adventure! Following our guides to an unknown place and getting to experience those spaces with our wedding party for the very first time. We had minimal plans of what our ceremony would be like – the place, the words, any of it – we listened to what we could leave out, and let the landscape speak for us. None of it had to follow an agenda; we were able to let each moment hold the perfect amount before it spilled over to the next. Our friends were such good sports, climbing down steep cliffs and getting caught in the rain.

Emily: “I love that while Dylan was requesting ‘big cuddles’, Chase would whisper “nachos” into my ear so that I would smile in the photos. I love that we got to have loads of time, just the two of us. I loved that Hana cried, but Dan was right there ready with a roll of toilet paper.”

What is marriage to you?

“It’s a proclamation that I’ve searched that world and deemed this person to be my pick; my best fit, my champion, and my always. It is an infallible knowledge that I am so endlessly in love with somebody that nothing can shake it loose. It’s an acknowledgement that I am better with him than without him.”


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