Elegant White Chapel Wedding


For Caty and Alastair, their wedding day wasn’t just about joining two people’s lives together, it was about joining two cultures together. The bride and her bridesmaids are all Australian, while the groom and his groomsmen were all South African. The theme of the two countries was felt throughout the day: an Australian wedding with South African cufflinks for the groomsmen, and a blend of native flowers from each country handpicked to create the bouquets. Not only were the florals beautiful, but they were symbolic of the two cultures coming together to celebrate Caty and Alastair’s marriage.

Alastair was sure that Caty was the one: 10 months before he proposed, he already had the ball rolling with the design of the ring in his home country. But as time went by, despite Caty have an inkling that a proposal was on the horizon, she did not anticipate the one that she got! “It was really cunning! I kind of knew that a proposal was imminent but certainly did not expect it in the way or on the day that it happened,” Caty said.

Alastair was in the middle of an exam block and had planned a date at the end to celebrate. But that was merely the distraction. He organised a ‘casual’ mid-week date, the disguise complete with a $5 bottle of wine and claims of a Groupon deal. When they arrived at their destination on Bribey Island, the wharf office was closed, and Caty believed they’d been scammed. But it turned out Alastair had arranged for a private gondola with all of Caty’s favourite foods and treats. And then, as they were paddling along the gondola at sunset being trailed by dolphins, Alastair began a teary speech, dropped to one knee and popped the question.

While the couple did not have a set wedding theme, they allowed their heritage to shine through and embraced neutral colours with a splash of greenery. And one of their favourite parts of the day? Apart from the relaxed, joyful vibe of their reception, the pair were delighted to see their one year old nephew who had only started walking mere days before the ceremony perform as a happy, grinning pageboy, almost stealing the show!


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