Elegant Perth Wedding


I remember thinking to myself ‘this is perfect.’

Fall in love with this gorgeous elegant wedding in Perth (you’re going to be stunned by the florals, the cake, and the simple statement pieces at the reception!). We asked the bride to describe her day, and it was more beautiful than we can say!

The best part would have to be the reception. Once we had arrived as a married couple, drink in hand, I remember thinking to myself ‘this is perfect’. The sun was almost setting, the natural light was stunning and there wasn’t a breath of wind in the air. I couldn’t believe this was OUR wedding! Our hearts were full, we were celebrating surrounded by our friends and family, and the rest is a fun, love-filled blur.

From the very beginning Mick and I knew we wanted to have an outdoor ceremony and agreed that we didn’t want to have the traditional formal sit down reception with seating plans and a 3 course meal. Your wedding is a reflection of who you are and we couldn’t be happier with how our marquee reception turned out. It was informal, relaxed and laid back, just like the way we live our life together.

One of my favourite details would have to be the florals. The only direction I really gave to my florist was what I wanted in terms of colour. They basically took care of the rest and everything turned out amazing! 

The other thing I loved was the marquee furniture and styling. Vanessa at Villa Kula is an absolute queen at what she does! I had a pretty clear vision of how I wanted the marquee to be styled and Vanessa and her team did the best job at helping us bring that vision to life. Villa Kula have so much beautiful furniture and decor to choose from and it was hard not to go crazy in their showroom!

Marriage to me is a lifelong commitment between two people to love, support and be there for each other every day. Having someone there to share your dad to day life with, good and bad. Marriage is love, trust, companionship, compromise and understanding.


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