Elegant Elopement


Perhaps the best description of this styled elopement shoot is charmingly subtle.

The style of the shoot flows seamlessly, from the romantic vintage gown by Cathytelle to the simplistic decor, all working together to create a tone of absolute ease.

It’s easy to see that the intricate details of this shoot were handled with gentle touches and the couple couldn’t feel more comfortable together.

The styling method was nearly magical in its disarmingly simple direction, proving that sometimes less really is more. Subtle hues of beige and gold have been incorporated to complement the spacious interior of the Mansion, adding to the harmonious atmosphere of tranquility and tender playfulness.

This elopement shoot organised by Wedding Blues Agency portrays a soft romantic story, while encompassing a classic yet modern vibes. See how images from Inna Kostukovsky Photography perfectly tell the story down below.


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