Elegant DIY New Zealand Wedding


Marriage is an adventure buddy for life! Someone you can rely on, will always be there for you and share the wins and losses with. The ordinary day’s sparkle with a little extra-ordinary because you have chosen to love this person no matter what. That, in itself, is extraordinary because it goes against our selfish human nature that usually wants to put ourselves first. So, at the end of the day, if nothing else happens but we have chosen to carry out our vows – that should be celebrated.

Erika and Cam’s wedding was a long time and a long distance coming! Their relationship began at 17 years old (wow), and grew intensely over the years with FOUR of those being long distance! As hard as long distance is, if you’ve been in a Long Distance Relationship you know it grows you so much in your love, intentionality and affection for each other. Cam would drive hours to see her as often as he could, and Erika found him to be the most supportive and consistent person she has ever met.

This wedding was elegant DIY, to a tee. They held their ceremony and reception at two old Christchurch buildings that were both restored after the huge earthquakes that rocked the city. They chose to marry somewhere where they would regularly see it to remind them of their special day and their connection to Christchurch. Everything was made and foraged and put together to give a personal touch. We LOVED the DIY feel of this day, with the homemade jams from Erika’s mum, place settings of vintage dinner sets collected over months from all over New Zealand, loads of foliage from her Aunty’s lifestyle block (eucalyptus, of course!), and custom stationary designed by a friend. Erika spent a good few hours foiling each many and some signs to get the copper sparkle coming through!!

Wait until you see the DAY AFTER photos by Acorn Cinema and Photography (coming tomorrow!).


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