Editor’s Letter: Unity


Not sure if you’re like me, but I’ve had many amazing conversations in my head … you know, to those people that have caused you some sort of grievance. The thoughts play over and over in your head and you say all sorts of incredible, deep, impactful and life-changing stuff that will surely resonate with this so-called person! I only wish that when I saw them, I was brave enough to say what I needed, and recite my fantastic piece instead of becoming a bumbling mess. The fact remains though, conversations in your head aren’t as profound as conversations in person. We need to be having these face-to-face honest and vulnerable chats for both our benefits. In all truthfulness though, that conversation is rather dreaded …

I hate conflict—I’m not sure of many who actually embrace it fully. I know some do (and we need people like you) but my bucket of nerves often gets in the way and fear holds me back! I think the root of it all is the fear of rejection. We need to know that people won’t love us less for not holding back. More often than not, they want us to be honest with them and share what’s on our mind. After all, it’s all part of growing closer together and becoming unified.

Just to clarify, unity isn’t the lack of conflict … definitely not! Travelling through these difficult waters is all part of the journey! The little disagreement is only a fraction of the bigger picture. Remember that and don’t let it become a monster! I recently started avoiding a close family member because I didn’t want to have a difficult conversation, to be vulnerable and possibly allow myself to get emotional. Good news! I got through it and we both feel closer for it. Luke even stayed by my side to support me. Hooray! Burden lifted.

This beautiful issue is lined with lots of love and care, and you may notice our underlying theme of unity coursing through its pages. Unity with your partner is key to creating a strong and supportive marriage. Don’t get stuck in the “bad thoughts” cycle, letting negativity creep into your mind and down to your heart, causing disunity. Miscommunication will bring an array of heartache, most of which can be easily resolved by a simple little chitchat. Protect your union! Don’t let anyone or anything come between you, back each other, get on the same page, share your hearts with each other and spur each other on. Two is most definitely better than one. Enjoy and gather heartfelt inspiration as you read through our pages.


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