Editor’s Letter: Passion


Here we are at Issue 32, and boy she’s a beauty!

I hope the passion within her pages inspires you in your own relationship … foremost with the love of your life, your best friend and soulmate, but also with your close-knit community, your nearest and dearest.

Passion is so much more than the sensual side of things. It is something that drives you in every element of your life. Have you ever asked yourself, “What gets me out of bed?” There are always going to be bits that you don’t love, but together with your partner, you can focus on the good stuff; the stuff that motivates you and fills your tank. Life is way too short to just merely exist together, plodding along each day with no purpose. It’s important to find your passion, both as an individual and as a couple. I love being around people with energy and enthusiasm for life … it excites me! The creative juices kick in and I can barely contain myself.

Whatever role you are in can make a difference in another’s life, and we can choose joy.

After witnessing firsthand the pain and hurt that can take place in a relationship, I wish this for none of you! As a couple of nearly newlyweds, I’d like to remind you that just like the everyday choices you make, like “What will I wear?”, “What will I eat?”, or, “Will I go the long way or short way?”; “Will I choose to love?” will also become a part of your routine, and I hope your answer to this last one is a resounding YES! Deciding to love can be a teensy bit tricky. I love the quote, “A smooth sea never did make a skillful sailor”—so true!

Just like a car, your relationship will continue to need a tune up.

This doesn’t mean that anything is broken, but it keeps things in top condition. You invest into keeping your car going smoothly and you don’t ignore those strong noises; the same close and ongoing attention should be paid to your relationship. Don’t be afraid to talk to those around you or seek help from professional relationship advisors. And don’t let things go for too long because none of us wants a breakdown.

I’ve said so many things I know, but when you’re passionate about something, sometimes you get carried away. Luke and I are super passionate about seeing committed relationships in our world, and want you to be able to experience that for yourselves because it truly is satisfying! Hope you enjoy this read as much as we loved creating it!


  • Words Carla Burrell
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