Editor’s letter: Identity


When I was a little girl my mum taught me cross-stitch and tapestry skills, which I am so grateful for, but it’s the words “tapestry of life” that have been ringing in my head for a few weeks now. Our lives are continually being carefully stitched and pieced together … some bits aren’t always as neat and perfect as others, but we try to create the best picture we can for those we love.

Each time a new person is added to your family, a baby is born, a couple is married, a strand is added to your tapestry and their thread is woven in. You see, our story is built on the relationships and connections we have … some people you hold and weave in closer to you and others in wider circles, but all are part of creating the picture of yourself! (And that’s only the half of it.)

If you turn the tapestry over it can be a bit of a mess back there. That’s where we see our hurts, mistakes, our upbringings. What’s behind the tapestry is not always so pretty. When you marry and create a new family, you have a chance to build on the family values you both choose … it’s almost a fresh start, but we always carry our past with us and some stuff needs working through and refining.

Our families become a core part of our tapestry, woven tightly together, and this is the way you’d want it! Each thread supports and creates together and yes it’s messy and complicated but it’s beautiful. I guess I’ve had lots to think about lately—our own extended family is going through a rough patch and I can tell you it’s not easy to remove a thread once it’s been woven in over time. It can never be fully removed, that thread is woven in tightly. Trying to take it out is messy and damaging.

Always protect your tapestry and who you let into it. When you make the commitment to your husband or wife, hold it sacred … they aren’t a disposable asset. Keep talking and listening, and always love andrespect each other (these are key!)—before you know it your own tapestry of life will be a rich masterpiece.

Much love to you at this time in your lives! Enjoy it and starting thinking about how you can create a marriage as beautiful as your wedding day.


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