Ebonie + Sam: wanderlust engagement in the woods


“Thank you Mother Nature for providing the perfect weather and a stunning location, with some late afternoon smoke in the air. Add a ridiculously photogenic couple, and it looks all kinds of lovely. A smokey afternoon spent in the forest with these two was amazing. This is one of the reason I love my job” – Bonnie Jenkins, photographer.

Ebonie and Sam revel in the wanderlust of the woods, as their love elevates the excitement for the big day to come.

What have been the most exciting parts of planning your wedding?

Being able to explore different ideas – styles, themes etc. to create the perfect feel for our special day!

How do you think marriage will change your relationship?

Just by being able to know each other on a deeper level. We have been together for over five years, so hopefully, there’s not too many surprises.

What do you most look forward to about your wedding?

As the groom, it would have to be seeing my bride walk down the aisle. And as the bride, seeing everything come together, and of course saying ‘I do’.

What are the most important things that will create a long lasting and loving marriage?

The ability to always be open with each other, never have secrets or be afraid to disagree on something; communication is key. Make time for each other. Loving languages has also been a huge thing for us.

Who are the vendors that you are working with for your wedding day?

Our incredible photographer is Bonnie Jenkins. Our florist is one of our talented, super creative family friends, Wallflower. The ceremony and reception will be held on private property. My hair will be done by The Fox & Dandelion Hair Bar, my makeup by Karina Partynski MUA. All bridal party dresses will be by Mother of the Bride, suits will be from Politix, and all rings are provided by Gold River Jewellers.

Who have been your favourite wedding dress designers?

I have been incredibly lucky as my Mumma, Lynnie, is redesigning my wedding dress with me, which is actually Sam’s grandmother’s wedding dress! So I haven’t had to find designers as such, but have stuck to good ol’ Pinterest for some inspiration.

What special ways do you express your love to each other?

We show each other love through affection, kind words, quality time together – things that we both appreciate.

What are your favourite ways to spend time together?

Sam and I just love having time out from everyday life. We love to have picnics or date days/nights and just enjoy each other’s company. Anything outdoors! Also – good food is always on the cards!

What’s your relationship advice for couples planning their big day?

Decide on what is most important to you and spend the time and money to achieve that. It’s so hard to remember that it’s your day, other people’s opinions are not important as long as you are happy. Ultimately stick to what you have been dreaming of and those ideas that you just can’t get out of your head. It’s these details that will make your day special for you.

What’s the best relationship advice anyone has given you?

Never go to bed angry. Some close family friends told us to always tell the other you love them no matter your mood at the end of the day. Oh. and don’t forget the goodnight kiss too!


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