Dylan & Venine’s Romantic Garden Party


This cocktail style garden party has stolen our hearts. Naturally beautiful, warm and intimate, Dylan and Venine’s wedding is positively stunning. We love the simple elegance of everything from Venine’s gown to the decor, along with the relaxed, romantic atmosphere of the whole day. Keep reading to get to know this sweet couple and see more from their day.


Tell us about your proposal. It was a Monday so it was very unexpected. I had just come back from a trip to Thailand the Saturday before. On that Sunday he took me on the most romantic date and I thought he was going to propose then. Funnily enough he did that to confuse me and I went home that night with no ring on my finger. The next day my dad took me to Kings Park on one of our regular father-daughter dates, and when I crossed the glass bridge to my surprise I saw Dylan standing in the middle of the glass bridge. He got down on one knee and popped the question. The rest is history. Within the period of 1 year we met, got engaged, and got married. It honestly was love at first sight. We met at my sister’s wedding on 28 January 2017 and we got married 27 January 2018.

How did you know your partner was the one? Well, something about meeting him at my sister’s wedding felt like destiny. He is my brother-in-law’s cousin and we met when he came for the wedding (his cousin and my sister). After knowing each other for two weeks, he decided to move to Perth for me (he is originally from Sydney). And the moment I had found someone who will give up everything to be with me, I realised that I had found the one. And I would do the same for him.

What do you love most about your partner? His heart. I have never met anyone with such a kind and caring spirit. He accepts me for me. He accepts the crazy me that not many people see, and he makes me feel 110% comfortable in my skin. He is the most encouraging, loving and warm-hearted person I know.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? This is such a hard question because I loved every second. If I had to narrow it down to two instances. I would say: One of my favourites was when I walked down the aisle at my ceremony. Seeing Dylan’s facial expression, his eyes filled with tears accompanied by a smile that made my heart felt warm. In that moment, no matter who was there, all I could see was him. And how he looked at me with eyes that made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. He looked so handsome.

My other favourite was my reception. We had a fairly small wedding so I didn’t feel pressured to please anyone and spend hours going around greeting. I could share this moment with my loved ones whilst still being able to spend every second with my husband. The sunset over the lake was so beautiful from the terrace. Everyone dance and enjoyed the night.

Describe your wedding theme/style. As funny as it sounds, I wanted a “non-wedding themed wedding”. I didn’t want the long bridesmaid gowns with the perfectly round bouquets and a sit down dinner. I wanted our wedding to embody who we are. We are fun, lively, family-orientated, love fashion, but also love being natural (still looking like you).

Thats why we decided to have a cocktail style wedding. We had lawn games after the ceremony. And at the reception people could star gaze and look at all of nature’s beauty while talking in the romantic view of festoon lights, leather couches and rugs, and Brookleigh’s beautiful lakeside sunset.

I love to look like myself, but a simply enhanced version. That’s why I went for a classic and simple gown with a statement piece of back jewellery. My bridesmaids all wore a simple cocktail dress and I gave them the freedom to choose their hair styles and shoes. My wedding was all about US and people being REAL. A celebration of natural beauty with a bit of sparkle. I would say the theme of my wedding is perfectly summed up as a True Romance Garden Party. A combination of rustic elements in a romantic setting with a touch of sparkle and class.

What is marriage to you? To me marriage is a one of the most special kinds of promises. A promise before God and your family that you will love your partner through the good and the bad times. It is a promise to go on one of the biggest adventures of your life. A promise to laugh together, cry together, and pursue your dreams together. A promise to wake up every day with the soul purpose of putting a smile on your husband’s face. And last but not least, a promise to love them as they are. To love their faults because your strengths help their weaknesses and their strengths help yours. That’s why marriage is when two people decide to become ONE entity, that together is PERFECT.


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