Dreamy Old-World Melbourne Wedding


“Every day with her is as electric and wonderful as the first few moments we spent together.”

All the feels with today’s blog post, capturing a gorgeous, old-world Melbourne wedding. The photos by Aparat Photography at The George Ballroom had us SO inspired and we think you will be too.

How did you know your partner was the one?

Aaron: I believe I knew from our first date, every day with Jaq has been electric and wonderful and from the first few moments we spent together, I could just tell this was someone very special for me. 

Jacqueline: It was very early on, he was so considerate and kind, interesting and had the same sense of humour as me. I think that all his qualities where those that I knew would make me happy, for much longer than just a few dates.

What do you love most about your partner?

Aaron: She is an amazingly loving, supportive and fearless person. She is a great listener who can ask excellent questions, and is always learning and reading and trying to improve not just her but all those around her. Very compassionate and honest.

Jacqueline: I would have to say his patience and interest in the world. It surprises me how we can still talk three to four times a day, the whole way on the car drive home and still have things to talk about that night.

What is marriage to you?
Marriage is another step in your relationship, another experience that you share together; we truly believe a relationship is a sum of everything you go through, whether that thing be wonderful or sorrowful. As you grow through your experiences, you connect more and learn about each other. Marriage is wonderful opportunity to learn more about each other and celebrate that life you have and can build together.


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