Love + Marriage

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Marriage may be a meeting of hearts and minds but it’s also a meeting of vast amounts of “stuff”. Laura Jackel looks at ways to cull and combine with minimal friction.

Spring cleaning

You’re almost married and soon to move into your lovely love nest together. What a perfect time to each indulge in a cleansing spring clean. While you may adore the caboodle of satin cushions festooning your bachelorette sofa, are they something your man will equally adore? Will you have any room for them when two living spaces become one? Consider each other’s tastes in decor and the reality of your new space, then pack up unwanted items for re-homing through op shops, ebay auctions, or even your very own garage sale. A good spring clean is very therapeutic and by doing it before you move, you will only have to pack up the things you want to unpack in your new home.

Settling in

The removalists have gone and it’s just the two of you and a sea of boxes. Be organised from the start and be prepared to compromise on where everything lives. You may need to explain—gently—that although you love that large wooden tribal mask from his recent boy’s trip to Fiji, perhaps it would look better in the laundry instead of the master bedroom. He may feel the same way about your vintage-inspired candelabra, so a little give and take may be vital to ensure you both feel at home. If you have the space, why not have mutual living areas and personal ones, like a man-cave for him and a nice little sweet spot for you.

Making your house a home

Once the boxes are put away and all beloved items from singledom have found a suitable place, take a trip to a homeware store or an art gallery to choose something together. A beautiful painting, print, sculpture or electronic device you both enjoy will be a nice way to put a joint stamp on your new living space.

The daily grind

As you settle in to your regular nine-to-five routines, discuss who does what around the house. If you’ve lived on your own or with a house mate before moving in together, you will be well used to sharing chores and navigating through arguments about who let mould grow inside the teapot or didn’t pay the phone bill.

If either of you have lived with your parents prior to the move, this might be your first introduction to hairy scary chores at the end of a long working week. To keep your new love nest in tip-top condition, and to avoid unnecessary arguments, divide the housework into areas of preference that play to your strengths. Perhaps your man is a keen chef in his spare time. Nice. Let him warm your heart with lovingly cooked meals. You, on the other hand, may be partial to perusing the aisles of your local supermarket as chief shopper of your dynamic duo. If doing the washing or emptying the bins has zero appeal for you both, try taking it in turns to make sure one person isn’t always stuck with the yucky jobs. Or, alternatively, do them together.

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