DIY Organic Orchard Wedding


So it’s fair to say that when we saw this DIY dream of a wedding most of us wanted to get married again. To the same men, of course, but only so that we could finish the night with fireworks like this couple did. Talk about magical!

Marcus and Charlotte were married at the quiet Cape Estate on rolling hills that gave a blank canvas for their organic orchard wedding. Captured by Heather Liddell, this couple have been together since they were fifteen (cue the ‘awe’), and we wanted to give the bride the space to share their story behind the day:

A lot of people ask us if it feels any different being married, especially as we’ve been together for so many years (we were 15 when we first got together and have been together since). My answer is yes, it is the most amazing feeling ever. Although our day to day activities are not overly different, the bond we share is. We have a great sense of connection and being united, and are more in love than ever before, something I didn’t think would be possible. We’ve shared so much, grown and evolved an now being married feels like we are complete, like this little team that is ready to tackle anything together.

We had always wanted to get married back in the Hawkes Bay as that’s where we grew up and meet. But we wanted something a little different than the typical winery wedding that the Bay is known for. We searched high and low and came across Cape Estate which allowed us to really go with the organic, casual feel. Yellow is also my favourite colour and I wanted to incorporate this somehow into the wedding without it being too overpower and that’s when we thought about citrus fruit. The Bay is known for is beautiful fruits so citrus worked so well and gave us the opportunity to really play with some bright vibrant colours. My step dad was also a super whizz on the DIY and collected pallets to make furniture to really take the vibe to the organic orchard like look we were aiming for.

I am also a big details person and had every detail covered right down to hashtag decal on the bathroom mirror to personalised matches for the sparklers and hand made salt and pepper pinch pots! Some of our favourite things were included the signage, for example the seating chart. We got a heap of baskets and filled them with different types of citrus fruit making it look like you were at a market. I had this crazy idea and Toni from Magdalen Hill just made it work beautifully and when you added the Perspex panels with everyone’s name it just looked so amazing. The signage was also pretty amazing. Marcus wrote them all! It was really a labour of love and took hours to complete but the white on the Perspex just added a little touch of luxe which contrasted so well with the organic vibe. Marcus’ work was just jaw dropping, he covered every little detail and quirky sign possible! We just loved seeing all those details come together. I remember walking through the reception area on the way to the ceremony and thinking this is so much more than I could ever have imagined, it was to die for and I still dream about doing it over and over again!


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