Destiny Dawn


We love broadening our minds; travelling from our comfy seats to wonderful places that bare a great resemblance to our own beautiful land. Today we’re frolicking on a pebble beach in Grimsby Ontario, a lake town in Canada’s Niagara region. This remarkable spot has been the perfect stage for an incredible styled sunset shoot that has set our romance whiskers tingling. There’s a very distinct sense of enchantment the sea transfers to all around it, not least a couple desperately in love and itching to declare their mutual adoration to the world.

Exquisitely captured by Destiny Dawn Photography and beautifully crafted by an amazing team of stylists and creative artists,  this stunning compilation of rustic elements is proof enough that achieving elegance on your wedding day need not be complex. The outdoors is the new in, and what better place to meld with your soul mate than in nature’s own showcase with the lap-lap of the sea as chorus. Dusky skies, a feathery breeze and a deep, longing kiss to let you know it’s all real. If you can’t make the miles to Grimsby,  be inspired to find a perfect sunset wherever you happen to be.


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