Daughters of Simone: Sunshine of My Love


Daughters of Simone is inspired by strong women. Those from a generation of non traditionalists, casting aside the princess illusion of yesteryear in exchange for just simply being … themselves.

“For our 2017 collection, Sunshine of Your Love, Ash and I wanted it to star one of these women, and why not too, alongside her real life long time partner. We wanted a real story, with real people. We wanted to see that sparkle, that glow. Casey and Alex sure made the cut. Los Angeles based, these two fell in a love a wee bit ago. New home owners, parents to dog Lucy, and {recently} engaged. Meet Casey – our spotlighter! For much of her life Casey travelled the country as a musician forging and hustling her way through a male dominated space. She knows her stuff. A real ball of fire but with a humility and sweetness only her naive Minneapolis could have instilled in her. She is just the kind of chick we like to kick it with. Meet Alex. Alex was (most definitely) along for the ride doing this thing {strictly} out of his love and support for his girl. Hey man, that’s a true gem if there ever was one. And we’re way into that.This is Casey. This is Alex. This is their story.”

See their sweet video below, as well as shots of the gorgeous new Daughters of Simone range.

Sunshine Of My Love from Daughters Of Simone on Vimeo.


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