Daniel Milligan


“I am here to pour my heart and soul into visualising those things. To tell your story.” Daniel Milligan prides his photography on capturing the tale behind what he sees in front of him, harnessing the couple’s essence in every shot. He aims to encapsulate their spirit, personality and history, all with a complementary backdrop. And here Daniel shares his inspiration and passion for wedding photography.

What’s the inspiration behind your business?
For me, I’m inspired by people, life and the environment that surrounds us all. There’s something unique about the way they all intertwine with each other to create these beautiful, timeless scenes in our minds called memories. These are the memories I want to capture. I get inspired and excited by the idea of capturing that beauty; the beauty of people, places and life and sharing it with the people that will treasure it most.

How did you go about starting it up?
Originally it was started as a collaboration between my brother (a filmmaker) and me shooting a wedding in 2010 to try and create and show something that’s more than the “standard”, with a little extra meaning. We photographed weddings on the side for a number of years and then from there we ended up going our seperate ways in our careers and I rebranded as a freelance. Adding that flair of meaning into freelance work on top of my main focus of weddings has been a great experience. For me now, I’m looking to constantly evolve and find ways to bring out raw and meaningful stories from each wedding, couple and person I photograph.

What makes your business unique?
I endeavour to understand what makes each couple unique. I want to be able to convey their story and not make up my own story; it’s about them after all. Making sure I appreciate all things that make the wedding day and the person/people that is being celebrated with it special. I was so captivated by the idea of capturing a person’s spirit, rather than just framing a great shot. Sometime more, something special. I want to seize not just those well-crafted moments but those candid moments too. The ones where no one is watching.

What’s your favourite thing about working with couples?
Gosh, people are just the best. I love working together with every one of the couples I have the honour to photograph. They all just have such a unique and different way of showing love to each other. People matter and each person has a story, I love pouring my heart into visualising these things. Whether it be a subtle smile or a cheeky laugh, or that look in there eye that shows EXACTLY how they are feeling with the person by there side; its refreshing.

What does marriage mean to you?
Marriage means many things to me, it’s the part in our lives where we as difficult, imperfect people, choose another difficult, imperfect person and decide they are the ones we want to promise by, live with, laugh next to, share, and love, and we both become one difficult and imperfect intertwined body. It’s a strange, yet beautiful thing. When in a marriage we struggle, we really struggle but when we work together and love together, selflessly, and as a team, all the struggle is completely and utterly worth it, ten fold. Marriage represents a bond, unity and strength that can only be seen in this type of relationship. I think we were created to be relational people, and it’s just another way for us to celebrate what we were created for.


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