Dan Jones: Unbridaled


If you have a strong admiration for Hollywood glamour, 1970s style, classic cuts and dramatic yet captivating designs then we strongly suggest you pay attention to “new kid on the block” Dan Jones’ new collection, Unbridaled. This collection transcends the traditional, outdated bridal aesthetic with a progressive mix of sleek bias-cut slips, structured bodices, sculpted necklines and multi-layered gossamer skirts.

“Unbridaled is a great outlet for me to channel my glamourous side whilst injecting the creative artistry and modern aesthetic that the Dan Jones mainline has become known for -a fusion of luxury fabrics, balanced proportions and striking silhouettes adorned with signature hand embellishments.” Says Dan.

How could a gal not look and feel utterly sensational in creations like this?

These stunning pieces can be found by contacting the brand directly here.


Issue 41 Out Now $15 Free Shipping to Australia