Cushla Whiting


Cushla Whiting is a Melbourne-based, family-run business dedicated to creating beautiful, design-focused pieces of fine jewellery. As the children of a leading Gemologist, it was natural that siblings Anna, Cushla and Hamish absorbed a passion for gems, culminating in a modern and sophisticated collection of accessories. Read on to learn more from behind the scenes of their company.

What’s the inspiration behind your business?

We wanted to create a jewellery business that wasn’t stuffy, where people felt relaxed coming in and sitting down and actually learning about what they’re buying by working directly with the designer and the gem buyer. We also wanted to use our experience and contacts in the gemstone industry to offer people beautiful quality gemstones as well as rare and unusual cuts. We felt that with this, combined with Cushla’s unique attention to detail and design eye, we could offer people a wonderful experience as well as unique, timeless and quality jewellery.

How did you go about starting it up?

Being three siblings all very close in age we all grew up surrounded by diamond talk with our dad being a diamond wholesaler and gemologist. After university, we all went in different directions with Cushla working as an architect and then for a jewellery designer in London before moving back to Melbourne. Hamish followed in dad’s footsteps becoming a Gemologist and working in the family diamond business before living in Colombia where he discovered his passion for emeralds and myself, Anna, working as a lawyer and in wine. We all ended up back in Melbourne a couple of years ago and realised that if we combined our skills and experience we were in a position to create a fine jewellery brand – one that utilises Hamish’s expertise with gems and Cushla’s unique talent with design, style and aesthetics.

What makes your business unique?

We work with customers on an individual basis, to create their perfect and completely one-off piece of jewellery. Cushla has an amazing eye for detail, and has a knack for interpreting a customer’s vision and making it into a reality. The end piece is always a reflection of the customer’s individual personality, whilst still reflecting Cushla’s unique style as a designer. Our in-house Gemologist Hamish is a huge stone nerd, and his passion and access to quality and unique gemstones is second to none. Customers are able to handpick their stone from our large inventory, or we can source one for them specially. We tend to attract people who are wanting something completely unique and one-off, and who want to be involved in the process from start to finish.

What does a typical day look like for you?

We all start the day at Brother Baba Budan for a coffee and then head to our city Showroom in McKillop Street. Being a small business there is always a lot to do: meeting with customers in our Showroom, visiting our jewellery workshop, organising jewellery to be sent off for various photoshoots, and constantly trying to master the art of gemstone photography!

What’s your favourite thing about working with couples?

Working with couples getting married has been one of the surprise perks of the job actually and we have been really lucky to have had so many fantastic people choose us to make their rings so far. Buying an engagement ring is such a personal and emotional event for a couple and we become a part of that – it’s quite special. The best part is seeing how happy they are when they see their ring for the first time; it’s absolutely priceless.


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