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Tony + Nicole: Crystal Cove Engagement


“Tony and I live a block from the beach so on weekends you can most likely find us on the beach or riding our bikes around town. We love travelling and exploring new places. Also we both have a major obsession with tacos so we’re always on the hunt for a good taco joint!”

We can really relate to Tony and Nicole; we also love a good taco, (and a good love story). The pair plan to be married in Cabo San Lucas, at The Cape in Mexico. A part of their planning is the working alongside Signature Event Consulting & Design who are dedicated to make their dream wedding a reality for them, obviously from a distance. The two also try to zip away for a long weekend every now and then to plan their wedding in between a few margaritas!

When we asked Nicole what the best piece of relationship advice anyone has ever given them, she said, “Drop the shaming blaming and needing to be right, and really listen without interrupting,” a positively true sentiment to live by. In Nicole’s response, she also mentions to any other future couples planning their weddings to really embrace the moment, and enjoy the time you spend together planning your wedding. “It truly goes in the blink of an eye!”

The creative behind this elegant beachside e-shoot is Jenna Norman Photography.


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