Guest blog: Create meaningful, memorable wedding vows


‘I could never wear other people’s underwear. Whether it was borrowing from a friend or buying secondhand underwear from an op-shop, it’s just not my game. Underwear is private, personal, up-close, raw, real clothing. When I stood in front of Britt and our favourite humans to celebrate our marriage, I felt the same way about our vows.

I don’t wear other people’s underwear and I don’t exchange other people’s vows – it’s my marriage after all. When I come to that finite point of marriage, the point where I stop being a boyfriend and start being a husband, that’s a real moment that needs real words.

So I sat down and typed a thousand things that I wanted to say to Britt and eventually came to a place where I had my own personal vows.

If you’d like to create vows that wow, you can join me in the free Google Hangout on Youtube chat on Wednesday night, but here are some starter tips:

1) Write vows that are actually true. Don’t make a vow that doesn’t mean something to you.

2) Write vows in your own language, in words that you would normally use.

3) Make them as short or as long as they need to be. I love the old saying about the world’s most powerful prayer being “help”. Your vows can be one word if that word is true and real for you. But if it has to be an essay, let it be.

4) Make your partner feel valued in your vows.

5) Finally, your vows aren’t for the crowd, they’re for your partner. So if the crowd enjoys them, that’s lovely, but you’re not writing them for the crowd.

On Wednesday night at 8:30pm (Eastern Australia time, July 15, 2015) I would dearly love to help you create awesome personal wedding vows in a Google Hangout. You, me, and some other passionate people hanging out on YouTube creating personal, meaningful, memorable wedding vows!

Click here to join the YouTube Hangout.’


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