Courtney Illfield: The Fashionable Bride


There’s hardly a creature that walks the earth more enviable than a fashionable woman. You know the type; they waltz into a room with an air of confidence that can only be attained by being unashamedly comfortable with themselves. We’ve spent quite a bit of time studying the fashionable woman, wondering how she manages to hold our envy time and time again. This beautiful styled shoot swung our way by the crazy-talented Courtney Illfield truly depicts the fashionable and confident bride, unafraid to push the boundaries of traditional bridal wear by mixing and layering textures and tones, putting together an outfit that resembles more fashion than bridal. The result? For them, total empowerment. For us, total jealousy. Thank you Courtney Illfield for being so incredible at your job and creating such inspiring imagery.


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